Bodyessentials website has been  discovered by a company in Atlanta Georgia who sell Footcare Products.  They love the names of our products and the story behind how Debbie and I began Bodyessentials. We belong to  a global  market  looking for all things natural. We  are very excited that Nourish your Nails, Ditch that Itch and Soothe Your Skin are now in America and working their magic there !!


I never fail to feel excited and proud of our wonderful natural products when I hear another success story. This time it is Warm Your Sole which has solved an ongoing problem of many years for one of our clients.

The lady in question is a beauty therapist . She owns her own salon in Cheshire. She is on her feet most of the day and has suffered from chilblains for most of her life.
This winter she has begun using Warm Your Sole, massaging it into her feet twice a day and has not suffered the pain and discomfort she had endured every winter for literally years.
“This product is a miracle” she said.
We hear this all the time. People who have suffered and really dread the thought of the winter months email us with such lovely testimonials for this product.
We are thrilled to bring so much relief and in such a natural  way. Sheila and Debbie  XX


Debbie and I have been walking our doggies, Bob and Rosie in the beautiful Macclesfield Forrest. Debbie has found a particularly steep route which leads to fabulous views across towards Buxton and the Cat & Fiddle pub which is a famous landmark in this area.
After walking last weekend I developed pain under my foot and in my big toe joint. I straight away made an appointment to see the Orthotics specialist at the Footcare Clinic who diagnosed Tendonitis caused by walking uphill in too rigid walking boots!
As I intend to carry on this new regime of extreme walking – I am changing my boots and also inserting the orthotics she has prescribed for me.
I also remembered that when we very first developed Warm your Sole for patients suffering with Chilblains one lady came into the clinic and was extremely pleased as not only had Warm your Sole sorted her chilblains but it had cured the Tendonitis in her foot she had been suffering with for quite some time.
Needless to say I am now ‘tasting my own medicine’ and massaging it into my feet night and morning. It really is very soothing and lovely to use – why do I seem so surprised!!


The weather is fabulous. We are all wearing our prettiest sandals and flip flops – ok you guys out there are not into pretty I know! We have had so many emails from clients and patients male and female who are so happy to be able to bear their toes in public thanks to Nourish your Nail which is a blend of Lemon and Lavender. It is a magical treatment for fungal nail infection and a great all round treatment for nourishing, whitening and strengthening finger nails.
How lucky are we to have such fabulous natural preparations growing on this beautiful earth!


On breakfast TV this morning there was an extremely helpful and informative article.

A lovely man was interviewed. He was diabetic. Some months ago he discovered a small cut on his big toe. He looked after it himself not realising that as a diabetic he absolutely needed to see his GP and/or make an appointment to see his local podiatrist or chiropodist for expert advice and care.

Very sadly this poor gentleman developed an infection of the bone in his foot which travelled up his leg. He has now had his leg amputated from below his knee as a result of this small cut.  In fact when dealing with diabetes it is imperative to have your feet checked regularly.

Footcare is something that all of us should be more aware of. Our feet are SO important! They carry us around all day every day and don’t we know it when there is something wrong! . We need to LOVE them and  nurture them.

Bodyessentials products do exactly that. They are safe to use by diabetics. They treat Fungal Nail infection, Athletes Foot infection, Chilblains and Verrucae.

Spring has Sprung! Happy Easter from Bodyessentials

Spring has certainly sprung and what a wonderful feeling it is to wake up to the sunshine and blue skies.

This is the time of year when we all start to look at our feet in a different way.  Instead of keeping them warm and cosy in thick socks and boots our thoughts are towards fresh air and wearing sandals and flip flops.  We girls want our toes to look pretty and our skin to be soft.

For the men who email us we know that you want to have healthy looking feet for the beach and garden.  That means no fungal nail infections!


We have many emails from men who are thanking us for curing a nail infection which they have had for many years.  They have tried every product available but nothing has worked.  Their wives also thank us for developing Nourish your Nail  as they can now go on holiday with their husbands without the embarrassment of horrible toes nails!  For ladies with fungal toenail infections we recommend  the application of nail polish is stopped for as long as possible so that the oils can be absorbed well into the nail bed. There is no time to waste if you want to see a big improvement for the summer.  Once the fungal infection is starting to grow out you can apply polish for special occasions and then remove and continue treatment.

Athletes Foot infection can be cleared very effectively with our Ditch that Itch.  This infection can cause very unpleasant burning and itching.  We have many testimonials on our website about the success of our product in clearing this problem.

It is a beautiful blend of natual essential oils with a gorgeously fresh aroma.  The oils are antibacterial antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic and begin to work almost immediately.

Podiatrists and Chiropodists all over the UK recommend all our products to their patients and continue to be thrilled at their success rate.

So the message is to get our feet into great shape for the summer months ahead.  We can all feel like we are walking on air!

Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Our guest blog – Help with your feet

 Reynaud's 1
Many of us suffer with cold hands and feet during the winter months, but if a quick trip around the refrigerator aisles of your local supermarket leaves you with white finger  tips and feet that feel like wooden blocks to walk on, it could be that you are a sufferer of Raynaud’s Phenomenon.
Raynaud’s  is a relatively common condition, affecting more females than males and can occur at any age. although it is rare in the very young. It is named after a French doctor, Maurice Raynaud who discovered that over-active sympathetic nerves cause a constriction of the blood vessels to the extremities.  In 1862 he published a thesis “On Local Asphyxia and Symmetrical Gangrene of the Extremities “.
The condition can be alarming, especially when it happens for the first time and when the colour changes from white to blue to red as the blood slowly reaches the affected areas. There is often numbness and pain associated with it and if this is severe, then a doctor should be consulted.

Reynaud's 2

Being aware that you may have Raynaud’s is the first step to managing the condition.   Primary Raynaud’s is the more prevalent and  is usually inherited. Secondary Raynaud’s  is associated with underlying disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma. In these cases the symptoms are often more acute.
Treatments for the condition vary in their usefulness and obviously if you are worried , then your GP should be consulted.  Sufferers of the disorder  should be aware that it is a relative change in temperature that causes the problem so maintaining an even ambient environment is the best management. Now, we can’t all stay indoors, out of draughts and away from air conditioning forever, so the use of hand warmers and layers of thin gloves and socks may help  to maintain the temperature.
Your feet require special care. Raynaud’s patients are very prone to chilblains. Be certain that your shoes do not rub and don’t use sharp instruments to deal with issues. Always see a podiatrist as there may be ulcerations present which require hard skin removal to promote healing. Your feet will be very sensitive and the skin very fragile.
Washing feet and moisturising daily helps to keep them in good condition and gives you the focus to inspect them for any breaks in the skin which are all too common with this phenomenon.  Here at the Foot care Clinic, we sell a very useful aromatherapy product, ‘ Warm your Sole’  containing Ginger, marjoram, lemon and geranium. This has all the properties to soothe  your skin  and keep it warm.
The Raynauds and Scleroderma Association website is full of useful information.

So,  the next time you head for the refrigerator aisles at your local supermarket, wear double layers of thin gloves and socks, don’t let your shoes rub and get out of there as fast as you can!!!



Chemotherapy often dries out the nail and so it is important to replenish moisture levels.

This is where Nourish your Nails is the perfect answer because of it’s super hydrating and antibacterial properties. If massaged into nails and cuticles on the fingers and toes daily it will help to keep them healthy and free from fungal infections which can occur when the immune system is challenged.
It will also help with discolouration and poor growth.

Patients can be assured that as the body heals, the nails will begin to grow and any imperfections will usually work their way forward gradually to the free edge. It can take approx 6-12 months from cuticle to tip for both fingers and toes.

Guest blog from Podiatrists’ The Footcare Clinic, Macclesfield – “Tendonitis”

Cure Tendonitis In Seconds

“You have Tendonitis” the doctor said. “You need to rest and the gently work your way back to full exercise; Use a support bandage and if the pain gets too bad, then take some pain killers”.
Rest, however, was not an option for the patient though as she was a self employed swimming teacher and  life guard and needed to eat!
 So, it was time for physical therapy, not pills. She saw a practitioner who thought that the problem could be resolved in a matter of minutes. The patient was doubtful. “I’ve had the pain in my knee for nearly two weeks and I can hardly bear to walk on it” she said.
The therapist explained that she was going to use the Jones Strain Counterstrain technique.  This process was explored fully by an osteopath, Dr Lawrence Jones, in 1955 and the theory is that pain occurs when a muscle is forcibly stretched as it is trying to contract. This produces a physiological response which results in inflammation and restricted joint movement – often at the muscle tendon – known as tendonitis.
The simple procedure involved the patient relaxing on the couch whilst the practitioner finds the ‘sore spot’.  Then with constant feedback from the patient about the level of pain, the practitioner slowly straightens the leg with a finger on the ‘sore spot’ all the time.  When the patient reported that there was no pain, the practitioner held her finger on the spot, keeping the leg in the optimum position, for 90 seconds.
Once the prescribed time had elapsed, the patient straightened her leg, bent it and said,
“That’s incredible. There is no pain at all”; The tendonitis had gone!

And the happy ending was that the lady went back to work the same day, took no painkillers, needed no support strapping and was able to buy her tea!

Here is a YouTube video which explains treating Foot/Calf Pain with Gentle Technique.



The wonders of coconut oil are at last bi news. I am so delighted. I first heard of the magical powers of coconut oil when I had a two week stay at Hippocrates Health Clinic in Florida in 2009. I was upset at the time that we in England were not being informed about these qualities and always appeared to be ‘behind’ America! All that is, I am delighted to say, changing. This wonderful oil has had a bad press in the past because it looks like a fatty substance. There is a misconception among many people that Coconut Oil is not good for the heart because it contains a large quantity of saturated fats. However it is beneficial for the heart. It contains about 50% lauric acid which helps in preventing various heart problems including high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. It also reduces the incidence of injury in arteries and therefore helps in preventing atherosclerosis. Coconut oil also improves the ability of our body to absorb important minerals.  These include calcium and magnesium which are necessary for development of bones.  Thus Coconut oil is very useful to women who are prone to osteoporosis after middle age.  This means it is also helpful in maintaining strong teeth and preventing tooth decay.   It is fabulous for the skin and hair.  I use it as a hand moisturiser along with Nourish your Nails for my nails.  This regime  really makes a difference to how my hands look and helps keep them feeling comfortable in the cold winter months. It can of course be used all over the body. Coconut oil’s small molecular structure allows for easy absorption through the skin giving it a soft, smooth texture.  As if all this wasn’t enough,  it also  tastes delicious! I roast potatoes with it and my sons say they are the best they have ever tasted! If I crave a sweet biscuit I spread coconut oil onto an oat cake or wheat free  cracker and it satisfies that need for something sweet. Our stay at Hippocrates was not easy at first. The regime consisted of live enzyme green juices with raw garlic or ginger juice and raw food. After the first week however we really began to see the benefits. I have enjoyed implementing  many of the lessons learned there into everyday life here. Most of the time I succeed but there are times when I throw caution to the wind and enjoy lots of treats! When this happens it fine I just get back on track with renewed enthusiasm for eating well! Happily now in England we have access in the media  to all the good news about eating green and how wonderful  things we once dismissed,  like coconut oil, are for us. Nature is so wonderfully  magical!