A beautiful new brand to reflect our natural growth

It’s been an incredibly busy period for us and we’re thrilled to be able to unveil our fabulous new brand – Body Essentials.

We first established ourselves as Foot Essentials back in 2003, bringing the world of podiatry and aromatherapy together to create a unique blend of expertise. Our vision was to look to nature for inspiration and develop a range of products with natural healing properties to treat common skin conditions like athlete’s foot, chilblains, verrucae, fungal nail infections and psoriasis

We soon realised this focus on natural ingredients was resonating with customers and started to see a growing demand from podiatrists, spas and consumers across the UK to experience the benefits of our expert blends.

Over that time, we have received phenomenal feedback from customers who have seen great results from using our distinctive range, which includes Warm your SoleDitch that ItchBanish that Blotch, Nourish your Nails and Soothe your Skin.

Warm wishes

Debra and Sheila