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100% Natural Footcare

We always love receiving feedback from our customers. Here are some reviews from clients who have used our product range to treat a number of skin and nail conditions:



I can highly recommend these products

I attended a meeting of The British Chiropody Association East Midlands Branch in September 2009, where the speakers were Debra Hughan and Sheila Leonard from Body Essentials. After a very interesting talk and a sample of the oils, I purchased the four oils. Nourish That Nail, Banish That Blotch, Warm That Sole, Ditch that Itch. Since then, I haven’t looked back. As a mobile professional, I have a wide variety of patients with various complaints ranging between mild, severe and completely fed up! Since using the oils, not only have I seen improvement but also have the patients. When using the oils within Care facilities the atmosphere becomes relaxed and the residents are far calmer and now actively want their feet doing so they can have one of the oils put on their feet.

I have had many patients who have had fungal nail infections for years. They have tried many, if not all the medications, available from the chemists and their G.P’s. One gentlemen with severe fungal nail infection affecting all his nails was even prescribed oral antifungals which subsequently made him violently ill. Many other patients live in nursing care and sheltered accommodation and therefore the problems of infection are more common.

Helen Yarrow, Professional Podiatrist